ULI Michigan: Webinar - Defining the New Normal


Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Part 5 of ULI Michigan's Here to Help Webinar Series. Join us Tuesday, July 14th as we talk about "Defining the New Normal", life with COVID, and how we are starting to move forward from crisis. We will explore changes in the workspace, cultural shifts, and the growing demand for vibrant public spaces.
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Mindy Lopus

Director, Collaborative Workspace, TechTown

Mindy Lopus is Director, Collaborative Workspace for TechTown Detroit, and leads the team responsible for Coworking and Tenant leasing, events and customer service and support. An entrepreneur at heart, with proven experience in consulting, technology and hospitality, Mindy is responsible for the revenue generating portion of TechTown, which helps to support the nonprofit.


Mark Miller

Managing Director of Planning and Design, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

Mark Miller, AIA AICP is Managing Director of Planning and Design for Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. As a licensed architect and a certified planner, Mr. Miller has focused over 20 years of his career on urban design solutions and planning activities in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Sam Hamburger

Director of Acquisitions, Bedrock Detroit

Experienced real estate professional with a demonstrated history in acquisitions, leasing, and real estate development. Skilled in negotiations, management, and leadership, with an acute attention to detail and ability to build strong relationships. Perceptive University of Michigan graduate eager to continue learning and making an impact.


Chris Hallendy

CEO, Resolute Building Intelligence

I am passionate about solving problems with technology. I am addicted to code and learning about emerging technologies. I enjoy the planning of a project, the execution and grand show off when it's complete. Working for myself, small companies and large companies I have amassed a vast knowledge of problems and technical approaches to solving them. I am a teacher, mentor and student. I enjoy sharing my journeys and experiences and learning new ways to approach problems from others. I thrive in challenging, fast-paced organizations delivering advanced technology systems, solutions, architecture, and applications.