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ULI Michigan Annouces Clinton River Daylighting mTAP as Part of Larson Center for Leadership 2012-2013 Program

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, participants of the Larson Center for Leadership joined ULI Michigan, Oakland County, local business owners, and members of the media at the Crofoot Ballroom in downtown Pontiac for the official announcement of the program’s mTAP project: a feasibility study of daylighting the Clinton River through downtown Pontiac.

ULI Michigan Chairman William Watch spoke during the press conference, providing information about the Larson Center for Leadership and the program’s mTAP component:

“ULI Michigan has recently been making efforts to expand its impact on the community and to advance the mission of the Urban Land Institute, which is to promote leadership in the responsible use of land, and in doing so, create sustaining, thriving communities.

In October 2012, ULI Michigan kicked off the inaugural year of the Larson Center for Leadership program. The program is named for the late, great Robert C. Larson, Chairman Emeritus of Larson Realty Group, trustee of the Urban Land Institute, and former chair of the ULI Foundation, and in addition to celebrating Bob Larsons’s legacy, the program seeks to cultivate leadership development by informing a select group of emerging leaders as to the transformative dynamics emerging within Michigan’s land use and real estate industries, and to promote their engagement in this process.

The nine-month Larson Center for Leadership program comprises eight program days, focused on topics ranging from development and capital markets to the role of government, to community building. A critical part of the curriculum is the program’s mTAP component. Our mTAP, or Mini Technical Assistance Panel, process is modeled after the “full-service”, so to speak, Technical Assistance Panels, or TAPs, offered as part of ULI District Council’s program of work.

The mTAP will be completed by the participants of the Larson Center for Leadership program. Participants have been placed into subgroups, which each focusing on one of five aspects of the mTAP report: engineering and environmental, planning, development, finance, and governance.

Their work will involve researching and analyzing the Clinton River and the daylighting process, conducting due diligence, and seeking input from industry experts and stakeholder. Each subgroup will then produce a summary of their findings, which will be compiled into the full mTAP report. The report will be presented to Oakland Country during the final Larson Center for Leadership program day on June 13.

Both the Larson Center for Leadership and our partnership with Oakland County serve as a catalyst for growth within the Michigan District Council. By presenting these emerging leaders with the opportunity to be a part of such an undertaking, we are helping to ensure the future of leadership and the responsible use of land in Michigan.”

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