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Apply Now for the 2016-2017 Larson Center for Leadership

Applications are now available for the 2016-2017 Larson Center for Leadership program!

ULI Michigan’s annual Larson Center for Leadership – also known as the Robert C. Larson Center for Leadership – is a curriculum-based program designed to train and mentor the next generation of real estate and land use leaders in Michigan.

The program is named for the late Robert C. Larson, a nationally recognized and respected Michigan real estate professional, Chairman Emeritus of Larson Realty Group, trustee of the Urban Land Institute, and former chair of the ULI Foundation. The Larson Center for Leadership operates under ULI’s Larson Leadership Initiative, which has successfully implemented leadership-based initiatives within the Washington D.C. and Atlanta District Councils in past years.

The mission of the Larson Center for Leadership is to cultivate leadership development by informing a select group of emerging leaders as to the transformative dynamics emerging within Michigan’s real estate and land use industries, and to promote their engagement in the process.

The nine-month Larson Center for Leadership program runs from October through June, and is comprised of eight program days. Each program day has a specific topic of focus, such as infrastructure, regionalism, and the role of government, and take place at various locations around the Metro-Detroit area. Individual program days are presented by a Larson Center for Leadership Sponsor/Partners – organizations which have graciously agreed to donate time and efforts to this very special program.

The program also features a technical assistance component modeled after the Urban Land InstituteTechnical Assistance Program (TAP) process. As part of Larson Center for Leadership’s TAP component, participants will be placed into subgroups and will research and analyze the area of focus, conduct due diligence, seek additional input from stakeholders and/or industry experts, summarize their findings and develop final recommendations. Each subgroup is responsible for reporting their recommendations, which will be compiled into the final TAP report.

Ideal participants are mid-career, Michigan-based professionals, who work either directly or indirectly in, and have a strong working knowledge of, the real estate and/or land-use sectors.

Candidate Criteria:

  • Emerging Leader: Individuals poised to assume leadership positions in their organization or profession in the near-term (the next two to five years).
  • Education: Undergraduate degree or higher.
  • Work Experience: Experience in the real estate industry or related field, including development, architecture, planning, government, transportation, engineering, finance, sustainability, and community development.

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