Steering Committee

ULI Michigan’s Young Leaders Group (YLG) is lead by a Steering Committee comprised of local Young Leaders dedicated to providing the “next generation” with the best programs, insights, opportunities available.

By bringing a fresh perspective to the District Council, Young Leaders guide the future of ULI Michigan.

Steering Committee

ULI Michigan’s Young Leaders Group Steering Committee works to create unique programs designed to provide the future leaders in the real estate and land use industries with the education, relationships, and opportunities needed to thrive professionally.

If you are interested in participating in the Young Leaders Group Steering Committee, please visit the Committees page for information on how to contact the Committee Chairs.

2015 Committee Meeting Dates:
January 20, 8:30 AM
March 17, 8:30 AM
May 19, 8:30 AM
July 21, 8:30 AM
September 15, 8:30 AM
November 17, 8:30 AM