Young Leaders Group

Young Leaders Group (YLG) brings together younger members involved with ULI Michigan to strengthen their relationship and participation with the organization, provide opportunities for professional education and mentorship, offer networking within the local membership base, and encourage relationship building with senior members.

Young Leaders Group

As is true with every industry, the next generation is the key to the future of real estate and land use. Now more than ever, it is critical for future leaders to have the knowledge and tools necessary to carry on the torch. This is where the Young Leaders Group (YLG) comes in.

What is the Young Leaders Group?

The first YLG started in Houston in 2001, and the success of the program has been tremendous. Currently, almost every district council features an YLG. The YLG program was launched to bring together the younger ULI members, to bridge the “generation gap”, to strengthen their relationship and participation with the organization, and to provide opportunities for continuing professional education.

What is the purpose of the Young Leaders Group?

ULI Michigan’s YLG provides future leaders with networking and professional development opportunities through custom-tailored programs and events that are designed to maximize interaction between both peers and senior leaders.

Who qualifies as a Young Leader?

Any member under the age of 35 qualifies to be a Young Leader.

Who leads the ULI Michigan Young Leaders Group?

The ULI Michigan Young Leaders Group is led by a Steering Committee of industry professionals who are committed to the future of ULI Michigan.

Does ULI Michigan’s YLG offer specific Young Leader events?

Yes, ULI Michigan features several Signature Programs each year that are specifically designed for our Young Leader membership base.

What is the cost of YLG membership?

The Urban Land Institute offers a discounted membership rate of $265.00 per year to individuals 35 years of age and under.

Interested in YLG Membership?

Please visit the ULI Michigan Membership page to learn more about the benefits of ULI membership and for information on how to join ULI‘s ever-growing membership base.