Michigan Real Estate Trends Report

In September 2013, ULI Michigan and the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum announced the induction of the Michigan Real Estate Trends report, a localized version of the national Emerging Trends report issued annually by the Urban Land Institute.

Michigan Real Estate Trends Report

The 2014 Michigan Emerging Trends Survey

Although sometimes described as a single market, the Michigan real estate market consists of many diverse and unique development opportunities. To provide a forum for describing and analyzing those opportunities, the Michigan District Council of the Urban Land Institute and the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum have established this annual report to identify real estate trends Michigan.

The objective of this report is to supplement the annual National ULI Emerging Trends Report by focusing on local real estate markets in Michigan. The National ULI Emerging Trends Report is a tremendous resource and historical perspective on national economic and real estate trends, and is presented each year at the Forum. However, it does not focus on smaller and local markets, markets which comprise most of the real estate activity in Michigan. More importantly, it appears to have undervalued the Michigan market in recent years.

The 2013 report – the first edition of the an annual publication – was presented during the 27th Annual UM/ULI Real Estate Forum and focused on describing market trends in the state.

2014 Michigan Emerging Trends Report

An online survey is used to obtain general trend information. This survey is available to anyone interesting in participating, and will categorize participants by industry sector, and staff position in company. As with the 2013 report, the 2014 report will be compiled and authored by a panel consisting of ULI Michigan members and Forum committee members, and will continued to be presented annually during the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum.